A friend
I believe in Jesus
He is my lord and savior
No matter what you believe
It is safe to say that he walked the earth
The miracles, resurrection, Son of God
Believing that is up to you

But I want to talk about the human
If he was here as a human he must have had friends
The apostles, disciples, followers
They had to sit around at times and laugh, cry, discuss matters of the day
I would imagine he was a hard friend to have, but a good friend
He stirred things up

When it came time for his trail and crucifixion
Friends would try to get him to change his mind
To fight, to run
But he was on his path
Friends would betray him
Friends would deny him

It must have been a helpless feeling to watch him crucified
Wondering if you could have done something more
But there was nothing more to do
It had to be terrifying to watch him suffer such a horrible death
But he was fulfilling his destiny
He was a man of his word
He is the best friend we’ll ever have

Mark Marchetti 01/09