I know some people that believe:

Aliens walk the earth and are living amongst us

After we die we are reborn in another body, human animal etc., depending on how well we did in this life

Jesus and the bible are the only way to get to heaven

There are no rules, we are God

There is no God, no heaven, no hell just us, here and now

Some believe that we crawled out of the sea developed arms legs and a sense of fashion

Some believe a little of this and that from the above beliefs

Some believe that if they kill themselves along with a bunch of people that donít believe like they do, they will go to heaven with some virgins or something

Some folks believe they can channel others that have passed away that speak through them

Some believe in ghosts

Some believe they can see into the future

Some little ones believe in santa claus

Some believe the end of the world is imminent

Some believe money and fame will make them happy

Some believe suffering penance and a life of solitude and prayer will make them happy

Some believe whoever dies with the most toys wins

Others believe helping others is the way to enlightenment

Sometimes itís hard to believe, all the different things people believe

mark marchetti 01/09