I Go Crazy Sometime (lyric)

I grabbed a hand full of my Grandfather's pain pills.
I'd been dying to take one.
Where he's going he won't need them and anyway
I'm his grandson.
I fell asleep in the bed where he died
The next day in church I broke down and cried
and I go crazy sometime.

When I got back to Memphis it was rainy
and cloudy and hot
Well I thought I remembered the blues
but I guess I forgot
I almost lost my wife and my best friend
I was on my knees and around the bend
and I go crazy sometime.

I get way out of line
If I feel betrayed and If I feel abused
The ones that I love are the ones I accuse
And I go crazy sometime

Most of the time I'm just sliding like everybody else
But when I feel that fire start burning I can't help myself

I took all of my fear and frustration
and stuck it down in the basement
I saw myself locked in a drawer
I was young and I was wasted
So I climbed the stairs and I walked outside
Now I shine so bright it will hurt your eyes
And I go crazy sometime

Yes I get way out of line
I don't like to do what I'm told
I've got a will of steel and heart of gold
And I go crazy sometime