The Night After Dad Talked To You

telephone - pa-rrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrring

Mark: hello

Dad: hello mark this is dad

mark: hey man, how you doing, kip said you called and freaked him out

dad: Yeah i guess it's kind of strange. hows it going hambone?

mark:all right

dad: hows the music?

mark: all right

dad: hows the family?

mark: they're okay

dad: you still have clem?

mark:she's great

dad: well i just thought i'd let you know i was okay. the grampaps and everyone say hello

mark: dad, why is everything so hard?
why did you intimidate me and why am i so depressed all the time and what not?

dad: because you're a needle dick puss-why

mark: is steve earle going to heaven?

dad: great album, huh. i don't know my man but you don't have the balls
to do a steve, so stick to your own schtick

mark: dad is there any puss-why in heaven?

dad: shit ain't funny mark you know better

mark: dad whats the secret of life?

dad: remember when i died and you dreamed you got a call asking what the
nicest thing i ever did for you was?

mark: yea

dad: it's the little things

mark:why do i keep trying to change the world?

dad: the little things change the world

mark: you had the biggest dick i've ever seen

dad: that's because i'm bad to the bone and will whip your ass for you,
it's funny how things like dicks and money and puss-why and hits and
shit aren't that important up here

mark: that is because you're hung like robert johnson

dad: ran into him the other day, never made no deal with the devil - just practice and
god given talent. by the way, i got him by a few inches

mark: cool

dad: i need to go hambone, remember i love you and try not mess up too bad
and keep the faith

mark: what are the winning lottery numbers dad?

dad: 9, 6, 18, 23, 12, 7, and the screwball is 8

mark: thanks man, kip and i need the jing

dad: don't worry about it, it really won't change that much - got to go - i love you

mark: i love you too dad