the mark hoot marchetti interview

My son Michael came home with a fifth grade school project assignment that required him to interview the person that he most admired, wanted to be like or basically is his hero. I thought it sounded like a pretty cool project and easy enough to do since I, being his father, should have no problem answering the boys questions and extending the legacy handed down from my father to me, in the traditional father - son hero worship type thing.

I was anxious to get the show on the road, answer his little questions and wrap up this assignment so I could salvage the night and settle in for a little tv (Andy Griffith). I assumed I could make a pretty lasting impression on the child by giving some reasonably intelligent answers to a fifth graders interview questions.

Sitting down at the kitchen table, pen and pad at hand - ready, willing and able to start, Michael announced to me that his interview dude was in fact, not me but my brother Mark, heh heh, um, yeah, and so I bring to you the Mark hoot Marchetti interview as conducted by Michael Marchetti.

What were the worst and best things that have ever happened to you in your life? the worst thing to ever happen to me, i quess, was going to vietnam ... i was very young ..19 .. and had no idea about war or any of that ...... war can bring out the worst and best in anyone .... the best thing that ever happened to me .. was falling in love with my wife .. peggy ... at a time when i really thought my life was over ... peggy and i fell in love ... God smiled down on both of us and said .... ok kids .. this is what life is all about .. have fun ..

What was your first paying job and how much money did you make? my first paying job was playing in a rock band ...... i was in jr high school and i think we played in a little gym in sophia, west virginia ..... there was 4 of us and i think we made 5 dollars apiece ..... it semed like much more back then .. and it was

What was your favorite game as a kid? my favorite game as a kid was baseball ... i played 2nd base on the little league team ...... i think we were called the tigers ..... i loved to play baseball

What is your favorite hobby? i enjoy raising chickens ....... hatching the eggs and making more chickens i don't know if you would call it a hobby .. but i really enjoy walking through the woods and getting in touch with nature .. God .. and myself

Who is the most significant person to you in your life? ahhhh in the bigger sense the most signifigant person to me is Jesus....his whole life is just amazing to me...what he stood for...what he did.....just an amazing enlightened a more down to earth wife peggy is the most significant person to me.....i can see God in her....i can see myself in her.....i can see she is my soulmate.....i am so lucky to have found goes way beyond's just like everything made sense when we fell in love...and went from black and white to is overwhelming at times.....

Who is your hero and why? my heroes are.....grama nellie...and my grama edna........grama nellie because i never ever heard her say a bad word about anybody...she was the best cook in world and her spirit was very gentle and had a little smile on it at all times....and grama edna...who is very courageous in the face of pain and loss........grama edna has shown me how to be strong and carry on when at times it seems impossible....

If you could change one event in your life, what would it be? it may seem like a little thing....but i wish i could take back all the times that i have hurt someones feelings and made them feel less than they should..i wish i could go back and build them up somehow....

What would you do if you won a million dollars? i would have bought a lot of toys...little army men...sports gloves, bats, balls....footballs..basketballs...gone to a lot of pirates games... steelers games........probably bought toys for the whole neighborhood.......

What was your favorite toy when you were little? ironically favorite toy was something my dad made for me one christmas....we didn't have a lot of money when i was 4 or my dad made kind of a gizmo thingamajig for was this piece of plywood with all kind of neat things nailed or screwed on it..door knobs...buzzers and gadgets..and just a bunch of stuff that he made...i remember that as being one of my favorite things..along of course with my little army men and cowboys and indians

What was your first car? my first car was a little green chevy corvair.....sort of a rattletrap piece of dad told me if i made it home from vietnam in one piece he would buy me a car..i had visions of red mustangs and black corvettes..i should have known...the old man came off of about 300 bucks for the corvair....i ran that puppy into the ground

Do you remember your first day of school? my first day at kindergarden..i ran away....the teacher caught me outside of the school and tried to pick me up and carry me back in...i took a swing at her and hit her in her breast..i was a little kid...i didn't know....but it was a big deal.....she was okay....i think i passed on kindergarden after that...and went to a catholic school for the next 4 years...thats where the nuns got even and took swings at me....

If there was one thing you wanted in life, what would it be? wouldn't it be great to be able to fly..i dream i can fly all the time..but to really be able to fly would be cool.....if i could fly and be invisible that would be great.....if i wanted just one thing in life though it would probably be a glass of can't beat water sometimes...when your thirsty

What is your favorite invention? fire was huge.....the wheel was big......but ahhhhhhhh....records and cds and stuff yea....oh and books too

What did you think of your parents growing up? Has it changed? i was always afraid of my dad......he was real tough on me......always seemed mad ....i thought it was me..i didn't think he liked me that much growing up...that changed....i realized when i got older some of the things that he was going through and realized he really loved mom and i have gotten closer through the years...she is an amazing women..who has sacrificed much in her life...i love my mom

Would you like to relive your childhood? no..i kind of like where i am these days...and if i changed anything i might not be where i'am now.....everythings as it should be......

Did you have peer pressure growing up? yea..i grew up in the 60's so it was maximum pressure....and i drank and smoked.....i really wish i hadn't because i am afriad it will take some years off off my life...i quit smoking 2 years ago....drinking never really got to be too much of a problem..there may have been a year or two after vietnam when it got out of know..most of my life i have always said ..nobody tells me what to do.....but that is not true when you give in to peer pressure .... i am flattered to be asked these questions..anything else i can do let me know....if you need some more that is fine..thanks michael