The Mark Hoot Marchetti Web Page Extravaganza


It's pretty much the same thing down here. Todd showcases next week for Buffet and Tony Brown. Keith has been offered a deal on Mercury, if he takes it "Here comes the Blues" is one of the songs he's considering doing. Same old stuff. It's hard for me to get excited, but as a songwriter it's nice to know sometime that your stuff is even being considered, but my happiness doesn't depend on it.

I hope your back is all right, it sounds like a real pain. Do your therapy and maybe it will feel better. I've been going through some major changes in my brain. With everybody dying and all that crap it has made me start to re-evaluate a lot of my life and yada yada yada moonbeam cosmo bullshit. So don't pull that baby homo stuff on me turbo. I don't know, I try to get a line on it but it seems to slip right by most of the time. I think you just do what you do and try to be happy. It doesn't matter if you're rich and famous, or a bum, we are all in the same boat. I think just accepting ourselves without the "I'm a songwriter, or I'm president of International Harvester, or whatever." It's not what we do that makes who we are. We are who we are. And that's enough. So stick a flower up your ass and call me sparky.

And I've got something else to tell you, that I know, and you need to know. There is a God. And he is a God of love, and if you don't know him you better find him, because he knows you. And He loves you just like you are. It migiht not be in organized religion but it at least can be in your heart, because that shit is for real. So search and you will find my brother, knock and and all that stuff. Have faith because I know there is something and I also know you are telling me to kiss your ass right now but that's too bad, because I need to tell you this. God is bigger than all the religions, all the questions, all the books and you don't have to do anything, just be.

I didn't know I was going to get off on that when I first started this. For all I know, you know God better than Mother Teresa does. I'm just trying to help, and God helps me, and I love you, so I have to say something about it. Sometimes we try to be so cool we don't say the things that mean the most to us.

So goodnight and turn off the beamers ...