The Mark Hoot Marchetti Web Page Extravaganza


sometimes the road winds down the hollow
sometimes it goes round the bend
sometimes the road kill is too hard to swallow
sometimes its over before it ends.

so jackie mason sang blowin' in the slop jar ... got his underwear out of his crack and ran into a spotlight. he thought to himseslf, "this free verse sure has me broke, in fact everything is broken." steel wheels, high heels, banana peels, record deals, sword fish, satellite dish, make a wish, take a piss, hotels, motels, something smells, what the hell, tour bus, make a fuss, turn to rust, drug bust, backstage, first aid, call the maid, get laid.

i never thought these nursery ryhmes would make people fall asleep. so the blind roofer fell for another trick from the security team. isn't that so and so and so what. did you meet bob? God bless bob. Hire a few more friends. theres back home. happiness isn't a priority. he means what i'm trying to say. the real thing my little friend. what did i think of bob? i couldn't make a dent on his armor. the saddest - most brilliant - most pathetic - most beautiful ugliest human - i saw that wednesday night. theres always tomorrow.

all this right off the top of the bottom of my heart. take a little off the top ---> the clam dip was special. what makes johnny run? the fuckin' goon squad does my boy. keep your gun loaded and your nose to the rolling stones because there ain't too much left to dream anymore so lets go for the whole ball of ear wax.

give it away, give it away, give it away now. lame lab rat looking self serving sacks of shit. loser bastards - they blew it man .... did they fuck this deal?

everybody wants to go to heaven but nobody wants to believe. like my man Jesus Gonzalez said, those who are first will get a good seat but those who are last will know a whole lot more.

you don't have to do anything. i ain't got nothing - but if i could have anything i'd want everything so i could give to those who got nothing at all.

on that note it feels like songwriting time. before i blow a tire, so roll on my friend, roll on. because i have become a pretentious piece of hot air blowing in the hollow.

xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx mark