Lovers Lullabye

Stephanie Jones/ Mark Marchetti

verse 1

Looks like Mother Nature
had herself a good night
there's not a cloud up in the sky
even those old bluebirds
seem to smile as they go by
singing a lovers lullabye
verse 2

that honeysuckle
got the bees a buzzing
with one thing on their mind
baby don't it feel like
the whole world's on our side
singing a lovers lullaby

I want to bathe in the rays
of your sweet sunshine
knowing everything's gonna be just fine
rest your weary heart and mind
and rock-a-bye
I wanna rock-a-bye
verse 3

Hey look out the window
isn't that a rainbow
just for you and I
I wanna lay here
til the day turns into night
singing a lovers lullabye

I wanna bathe in the rays
of your sweet sunshine
singing a lovers lullabye