Whats happening little brother? Whats wrong
with the pirates this year? I hear they're
winning some games. That won't last too long.

I hear the folks are giving you some trouble
about your hair. There is only one answer kid -
this is it. You have to compromise - they want
short hair - you want long hair - the answer is either long short
hair (not too long but not too short) or short long hair (not too
short but not too long)

Anyway man long hair is on the way out. Even John Lennon got his
hair cut short. The cool thing now is short hair, sideburns,
and mustache. So until you can grow sideburns and a mustache
you're out of luck.

Your hair isn't worth fighting over Kip. When you're older you
can grow your hair as long as you want - but you'll find when you're
older hair won't be so important.

Do me a favor Kip - get it cut a little. If I come home and you
look like one of those war protesters - I'll get you.
Bruno will strike again.

I got an idea man - why don't you learn how to play the guitar.
Then when I'm out of the Army we can be the "Marchetti Brothers"
and have long hair - no by then the fad will be no hair - at
all - we'll be the "Bald Marchetti Brothers" - My littl chickadee.

Take care of Mom and Dad Kip and be careful - I miss you.
Oh yeah - join the Navy.