A Safe Place

i was somewhere else
then i was here
pulled into this world bloody and screaming
yanked from the breast to oblivion
force fed shame
dancing alone on the face of the sun

i remember the rain before the storm
i remember the wind before the hurricane
i remember the earth before the flood
i was somewhere else
then i was here

i looked to my father and found his fathers strength and rage
i looked to my mother and found her mothers softness and fear
i looked to the schools and found what i didn't want to know
i looked to the churches and found it hard to see the light through the stained glass
i looked to my country and found i was at war
i looked to the streets and found myself lost
i looked into my lovers eyes and found i was betrayed
i looked to numb the pain and found i was addicted
i looked to art and music and found business and money
i looked to my fellow man and found he let me down
i looked to God and found love
i looked to my heart and found God
i looked to my soul and found the truth
the somewhere else
the raindrop
risen to the clouds
waiting to fall
to a safe place