they are here now

but where were they when the rockets were coming in

and the boys were blown in half

and i sat and waited for my turn

where were they when i sat and wrote for 20 years and they pointed and


where were they when i was going through withdrawals

where were they when i had been gambling for 24 hours straight

trying to put a miracle together

where were they when i hung with guys younger than me on the road

just to prove a point

where were they when i stayed up for six days just to prove another point

where were they when i was alone,

playing with my little army men, waiting for sandy to come home, waiting

for the phone to ring from a publisher, when i was alone, alone,

alone ........ in a walk-in closet, in a fox hole, in a uniform, in a band,

in a bar, in a sweat, in a rehab, in a car, in a poker game, in a song.

they were right there .... it was me that was gone ... they were right there ...

in my bones and blood and nerves, and soul, they were there, i was gone,

i've always been gone .... alone, they were there ... who are they anyway

they are me and you and us and them and all alone ... together ...

so they are here now .... and so am i ....