Some thoughts for my daughter while I'm gone

Things to accept in life

We all live, we all die, it's the nature of things

Enjoy life, be depressed, be happy, be alive, accept yourself and others

There is something more after this life - look at a flower

Look at your heart, look at the stars, look into someones eyes, look at the cross

There will always be someone better and there will always be someone worse

No matter what it is you are doing love hurts but love is all there is

Learn how to function in this dysfunctional world

Things not to accept in life

Candy from strangers, a stranger named candy, strange looking candy

And of course, candied yams

Do not accept prejudice, racism, hatred, golf carts, guys named sparky

And wilted lettuce

Do not accept anything but the best from yourself even if it's shoveling manure

Do not accept that you're not as good as anyone or that you're better

Do not accept that there isn't a God of love

Don't take any wooden nickels

If anyone tells you they saw me with that chick the other night and I called myself ray ray

Don't believe them

And never forget that I love you