When I Pray


When I pray ... I pray to Jesus


When my daughter is late getting home

I pray to Jesus she is Okay


Buddha might be enlightened and awakened

but I pray to Jesus before I go to sleep


Confuscious might have something to say

but I listen to Jesus


my chacras might shine and vibrate

and I might be one with the universe

maybe I've been here before and maybe I'll leave my body

and fly around the room awhile

but when I land I'll pray to Jesus


all the different religions in the world

all the different sects and whatever ... I don't know

I don't know where everyone is going

I don't know whose wrong or right

but i do know

in my life

when the chips were down

and the boys were calling for their mamma's

and I felt totally alone

I didn't align my chacras, I didn't read tarot cards,

I didn't ask Buddha, or Moses, or Mary, or daddy, or the President

of the USA

for help


I prayed to Jesus ... Amen