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country music

if hank williams were alive today he'd probably want to kill himself

Nothing Rhymes with Agent Orange

Butch, Clines, Meeker, or Tex
delayed stress syndrome
chlor acne
V.A. hospitals
white bread, hair styled, golf swinging
draft exempt, bull shit

nothing rhymes with agent orange
pain pills
walking wounded
didi mau
blown away
body bags
night sweats, wake up screaming
panic attack
crazy mother fucker

Nothing rhymes with agent orange
bouncing betty
artillery flare
flack vest
steel pot
wanting to rip the flesh
off your bones
and tear out what ever's in there

nothing rhymes with agent orange

age creeps .... slowly .... relentlessly .... like water ....
until we are swept away .... into the wheels and the rain ....
the reverb .... and the stoney's....

reality for a recovering drug addict ... is ..... having survived .... nam....
the guilt of survivng nam .... drugs ... divorce .... numerous car wrecks...
having quit smoking and drugs .... and living a relativley healthy lifestyle..
well .... reality is .... death creeps slowly .... and naturally...

so .... build the bon fire .... catch the muskie .... laugh cry ....
howl at the moon..... we are christians .... we only pass through once ..... have fun .... buddah

i am always alone
even when i am with somebody
sometimes i feel like i am talking a foriegn language
people are either deaf or don't seem to understand what i am saying
i relate to animals
they seem to understand what i am saying ...
and love is funny
it's a co dependent tug of war
i have let go of my end
i fear three things ... tics, God, and myself
and i am coming to terms with myself and God
fuckn' tics ...

everything dies, man
must be right, and proper, must be the thing to do
when the time comes ...
i think it's the absence of breathing that scares people about dying ...
i mean, everyday we breathe in and out, without thinking ... but i don't think
you breathe when you die, so what's up with that
maybe your soul has lungs and eyes, and hair ... don't think so
that's what scares people ... you can't breathe
that's why i feel so alone ... i can't breathe now
do animals breathe
never seen an animal smoke
they either can't go to heaven or are already there ...
take a deep breath

henry the cat
a tabby
sits on my tv
and is happy

he comes and goes
hangs mostly
at phils

climbs the tree
goes through the open
and is home

and birds
and snakes
as an offering

i don't like




The Red Bud Tree

I saw my soul in a Redbud tree
I've seen those colors inside of me
Deep swirling purples, reds, and blues
A kaleidiscope of changing hues
and a joy and peace went through me
As the wind blew through the Redbud tree

reality tv

driving to work this morning
i saw a homeless man
sitting under a bridge
writing something in a yellow tablet
i never wanted to read anything so bad
my God
the prophets are homeless
the angels are living under bridges
while i am watching all star survivor ...
waiting for a news bulletin to break in ...
saying it's the end of the world


artists flock together
little armies of flowers
east nashville, sante fe, paris, midtown memphis,
grenwich village, my town, your town
listening to each other
learning, teaching, hearing, seeing, living, dying
all part of the

the poet ...

so he says, "you have an agenda ..."
and i say, "no man, i just want to know if you believe Jesus rose from the dead or not,"
he stumbles for something cool and poetic to say and comes up with
molecules with muscles or some bullshit ...
but the Jesus question just hangs there ...
so i let him off the hook with the old love and fear routine and we talk about baseball


there is hope
there is an answer
there is a God of love
there is grace
there is a way out
there is time
there is forgiveness
there is mercy
there is life
there is ... really
trust me ...

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