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Chuck e cheese

Sometimes, when I am at chuck e cheese with my 6 year old son

I feel like ripping the mallet out of the whack a mole game

Running and leaping on the stage down there

And beating those singing rats and weasels and shit
until there is nothing left
but a bunch of quivering nuts and bolts

I know it's not right
But either is a big cheese eating rodent walking around with his animated cohorts

So far i haven't crossed that fine line
I just sit there chewing on the pizza
Staring at the whack a mole mallet

mark marchetti 01/09






"count all your blessings just don't keep score ...."
mark marchetti

Song Pitches for Noah and Nick
Thank You

Welcome to the The Mark Marchetti Web Page, a place where you can find the music and poetry along with the latest news and happenings of singer, songwriter, poet, farmer, Memphis State basketball fan Mark Marchetti.

Mark and his wife Peggy have a beautiful 38-acre organic flower, vegetable and herb farm located 17 miles north of Nashville, TN. It is the largest fresh cut flower farm in the state, specializing in growing florist quality flowers with 6 acres in floral production. Please visit their web site and have a look around their lovely farm by clicking right here at Madison Creek Farms

Poetry just added to the site:
manure connoisseur
this and that
2 sides of the coin
chuck e cheese
it's nuts

Songs just added to the site:
God Loves It When We Dance written by Jones/Marchetti
She Reminds Me Of Texas written by Jones/Marchetti
Blue Collar Dollar written by Marchetti
Color My World written by Jones/West/Marchetti
Lately written by Throckmorten/Marchetti
Hello Love written by Griggs/Jones/Marchetti
A poem by Mark Marchetti was recently featured on the inner sleeve of Todd Snider's newest Americana Chart topping release "Peace Queer"- please visit Todd's Web Site and I encourage you to purchase every single one of his records and check out his live performance as soon as you can.

Done listening and want to read a little Todd Snider history - then take a trip into the past with Opening Act at the Starlite Music Room

Visit Mark Marchetti's MySpace Page and The Lynn's MySpace Fan Page also The Suburban FarmSteader's Podcast by Mark and Peggy Marchetti.

Did you know that Mark Marchetti had a co-write with Clay Davidson on Clay's smash first record release, "Unconditional" called "We're All Here" and Jon Randall recorded She Reminds Me of Texas written by Mark Marchetti and Stephanie Jones.

Come to think of it, an impromptu and incomplete list of songs recorded would also include "Somebody's Coming" co-written by Marchetti, Todd Snider and Shannon Hills on Todd's debut record Songs for the Daily Planet . That song was also recorded by Terry McMillan, Russ Taff and T. Graham Brown .

Stephanie Jones recorded several songs co-written with Marchetti including La Reina De Los Angeles , Ayayay , Left of Center, He Reminds Me Of Texas, and God Loves It When We dance.

There were others songs released independently by various artists like "Long Walk From Woodstock", "She Just Likes the Beatles", "Why Should I Care" and "I'm Your Man" to name but a few.

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